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We have years of experience handling some of the key environmental issues of homes and industries. These are Pest Control Serviceswater tank treatment, Pest Control Service  and roof water & heat proofing. We have a headquarters in Lahore to perform all services for your home or industry.

Water Tank Cleaning and Reservoir Sanitation

Water tanks are present in homes, condominiums, commercial buildings, among other places. These tanks, in turn, need water tank services in Lahore, as they are exposed to many weather conditions, so there is a waterproofing company in the market. Shamsi Home Solution has developed a new technology for providing water tank services in Pakistan, in order to offer more efficient solutions than those available on the market.

Pest or Termite Service in Pakistan

Pest Control Service in homes and industries is the best way to ensure the safety of your production, avoiding damages and problems. Taking care of all the pests and termites in industries, you will be able to build customer loyalty and make them your main advertisement. Call our services of pest or termite control in Lahore to make a complete diagnosis for pest or termite control. Each environment has its peculiarity. For this reason, environmental analysis is fundamental for the creation of the best strategies of our Pest Control Service in Lahore. From this visit, our technicians can draw up an efficient plan for the safety of your environment.

Roof Water and Heat Proofing Services

In this service, our company provides roof the services of roof heat proofing in Lahore and water proofing in Lahore. The people invest in the prevention of disorders that may occur such as roof cracks and environment heating. Our roof water and heat proofing company carries out its work with the use of best products available in market that make any surface highly durable, and significantly reduces the need for maintenance providing optimal protection against rain water and solar heat. The roof, the main part of building, must be safe and adequately protected using a heat and water proofing system. The main advantages offered by our roof proofing company are:

  • The values of the services offered by us are in accordance with the qualities offered by the task;
  • The roof proofing services follow the parameters required by regulatory bodies;
  • Our company works with properly trained technical staff.

The company counts on the fundamental support of industry professionals to perform the ideal service according to all the needs presented by each client and uses modern methods and equipment, besides the ideal household products. The company’s experience in the sector is wide, with a view to the continuous improvement of all its services.

Differentials of Shamsi Home Solution

  • Quick service and treatment: In water tank cleaning, pest control and roof treatment, the operations and products are applied and do not require the use of a lot of processes. All treatments provide instant results.
  • Environmentally friendly: All products chosen and the operations performed are biodegradable and therefore do not cause any environment risk.
  • The time conscious – Punctuality on agreed days and times.

Shamsi Home Solution is a center of innovation and, therefore, we always continue to make the quality of our services even better.

Termite Control

Pest Control Service

The termite control in Lahore is a thorough service to controlling the population of termites. This is because depending on the species found in the infestation, the method may change
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Pest Control

Pest Control Service

Pests make no distinction when attacking market segments. They just wait for a breach to enter their environment during the flight period. This phase is characterized by the
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Water Tank Cleaning

Pest Control Service

The use and consumption of water in homes, businesses and many other places is indispensable in people’s daily lives. For health reasons, it is important to know about water Tank Services More Details

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Why Choose Us?

We are certified in quality management system for our water tank, pest & termite control and roof proofing services in accordance with later industry standards has the largest and most qualified technical staff in the market, offering innovative solutions, thinking globally and acting locally with speed and quality.

  • Full diagnosis;
  • Custom planning;
  • Deployment report;
  • Educational lectures;
  • Constant monitoring with infestation spot applications;
  • Periodic follow-up audits.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of sanitation and disinfection of tanks, termite & Pest Control Service and roof water & heat proofing, Shamsi Home Solution strives for the safety, quality and timeliness of our services.

We serve all types and sizes of customers, whether homes, condominiums, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, shopping malls, public agencies, large enterprises and industrial complexes.

We strictly respect all technical standards to perform our services, in addition to having a team of highly qualified and qualified technicians and professionals to perform them. We also have modern and always new equipment to ensure safety and efficiency.

With these assumptions, even with years of experience, we are a company that, by always being updated, keeps the young spirit and adequate to the needs of each client, treating each one with the customization that deserves, thus guaranteeing the quality of life of our clients. Each customer is as if they were unique.

Shamsi Home Solution is a Lahore based company offering water tank cleaning, roof proofing and termite & pest control services in Lahore. We are charging cheap prices for our all services performed by professional staff. With all cheap services, we always maintain the safety, quality and environment standards.

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