Learn What Can be Caused by the Lack of Flea Control!

The pet market continues to grow in Pakistan. That is, there is a substantial population of animals that must be protected by flea.

The Flea pest control services is on the best a ways to solve the problem with these small pests, as it acts in the

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

environment to eliminate all stages of their development. Chemical treatment and environmental cleansing are actions that must be done together and are fundamental to the success of the work.

It is important to remember that the animal should stay away from the environment and be treated by a vet.

The reason is because 95% of the fleas stay in the environment, but the remaining 5% are in the animal itself. That is, it is no use investing in the treatment of the site with flea control if the dog still has some species that can cause a re-infestation.

pest control services

When encountering pest control methods PPT regarding flea, it is recommended not to do the flea teasing work alone. Having specialized pest control services in islamabad is the best way to solve the problem. They will have full knowledge about the pests: their habits, species and location of their shelters, among other information.

In this way, flea control treatment is performed effectively, ensuring safety for you, your family and your pets. Shamsi Home Solution uses products pest control methods PPT sustainably and guides residents before treatment. This achieves excellent results while protecting customers’ health and the environment.

The danger of the absence of the flea pest service is because this pest can transmit the following diseases:

  1. Murine typhus

It is transmitted by rat fleas. Its symptoms are: constant and high fever, headache and body, nausea and vomiting, mental confusion, redness in the body.

  1. Bubonic plague

Another disease caused by rat fleas. This is the famous Black Death, which decimated the great population of Europe in the fourteenth century. It is rare, but no less worrying.

  1. Dermatitis and allergies

Other problems caused by fleas are allergies to pest saliva and other damage such as sores, redness, which can pave the way for opportunistic infections that can cause even greater discomfort to your animals.

The main method for eliminating pests in flea control is spraying

Spraying is the application of liquid insecticide that specifically fights fleas. In this way, the product spreads throughout the environment and reaches hard to reach places.

Count on Shamsi Home Solution to restore your pet’s quality of life! We are 100% prepared and have safe procedures and products for the complete elimination of fleas and deemak control treatment in your environment! But keep in mind that the treatment has a shelf life and it is recommended to reapply the product when the residual effect ends.

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