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    Rats are mammals that transmit serious diseases to humans.

    If you think about rat right now, you will remember Tom and Jerry. They are friendly, agile and smart animals. In real life mice that are considered urban pests have the last two characteristics. Friendly have nothing.

    It’s even dangerous to get close to them. The rats are carriers of a lot of diseases. A rat bite can cause serious infections, requiring vaccination or anti-rabies serum.

    The rats gnaw incessantly because their incisors grow continuously. For this reason, they can cause dangerous accidents, gnawing electrical wiring and causing fires. It is essential to control the rats after identifying the signs of their presence.

    The rodents control services at Shamsi Home Solution are much known in Lahore and they are more than just a matter of hygiene or food safety. It is about promoting public health. Rodents control is required for ecosystem balance.

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    • Date September 16, 2019
    • Tags Pest Control

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