Termite Control Steps: How Does The Service Work Professionally?

Termite Control Steps: How Does The Service Work Professionally?

The Termite Control steps depend on the species. First an initial inspection is made to find out information about the species of the infestation. The most common are: subterranean termite, dry wood termite and arboreal termite.

To eliminate these pests it is necessary to find out the source of the problem, i.e. the termite mound.

The Termite Control Steps According To the Structure

Soil Termite Control – To reach the other side of the foundation, it is necessary to TREAT the soil from below the structure by injecting the product through the cement floor, no interior of the structure.

Soil treatment in the interior of the structure is therefore possible with the establishment of vertical holes through cement near the structural walls.

Proper treatment of cement structures involves the application of the termite solution in areas wheTermite Controlre termites may enter through the cement structure, through expansion joints, failures in cement and openings through plumbing, or electrical.

For masonry walls or concrete slabs, the insecticide will be injected through holes, preventing the invasion and circulation of termites in the treated areas.

Wood Termite Control – Strategic holes will be made for injection to make non-wooding insecticide. After this procedure, an external spray is performed, creating a protective layer.

The Termite Control in conduit – The application will be made by means of blocking with chemical powder through dusting.

According to the species found, one must find the source of the problem, namely the termite mound. Then the method is chosen according to the information collected. Check out some options below:

Focal treatment

This method acts on the infested part. Small holes are drilled for application of the insecticide spray. It works for dry wood termite colonies.

Chemical barrier

Another way to apply the products is to create a protective barrier near the infested property. The product has low mammalian toxicity.


Sentricon is a modern baiting system. They are highly attractive baits that eliminate termite colonies. Several stations are applied at the place of passage of insects. This method is used in the subterranean termite species.

Sprinkling and spraying

Sprinkling is a method applied with insecticide powder. It is water resistant and has high residual power, i.e. its effect is prolonged for efficient Termite Control. At Shamsi Home Solution, the treatment is also available for mosquito, Lal Beg, Deemak with chemical spray.

Tree and shrub treatment

This treatment is performed when the species found is arboreal termite or underground termite.

And it may be in an internal or external location of the infestation area but, how to find it? This is a job of experts at Shamsi Home Solution. Performing the termite treatment alone can be dangerous, with chemicals causing intoxication. A termite colony may migrate to other locations. That is, the damage may be even greater. Therefore, hire Shamsi Home Solution, a pest and termite company in your area.

Together, we have years of experience in the subject. We have provided our services in several segments. This all results in efficient Termite Control services. Contact us at 0333 9578628.