Hire Janitorial and Termite Proofing Services in Lahore Today

Hire Janitorial and Termite Proofing Services in Lahore Today

Termites Proofing are silent urban pests that build their colonies for years to destroy their objects and even wooden structures. These insects choose the target of the infestation after the flock, mating activity of the species, in spring and summer. It is important to hire a Shamsi Home Solution company in Lahore that understands the matter at the slightest sign they leave behind.

Termite proofing service in Pakistan

In some homes, animals can infect as much trees, soil and underground as a piece of wood. There are 3 main speciesTermite Proofing of termites, which are considered urban pests: dry wood termite, underground termite and arboreal termite. Each has a more effective form of combat. Home-grown insecticides can be a danger in termites fighting as they can at the same time cause overuse poisoning and are not at all effective.

Termite control is not recommended without specialized professionals because it is important to find the colony of these insects. In addition, some species of termites may migrate from one wood to another, only modifying the focus of the infestation and not solving the problem. You will have 2 objects destroyed and a huge damage.

Janitorial services in Lahore

The janitorial services aim to solve efficiently the problems of building maintenance of residential and commercial condominiums. Look into our janitorial services in Lahore performing all cleaning activities in the condominium.

To perform this type of service, we have a daily, weekly, monthly to-do checklist. The important tasks are to manage building employees, receive and check materials, track service providers and other activities. Thus, it is possible to keep the condominium preventive maintenance up to date, avoiding higher expenses on emergency works.

Along with the services, we also supervise the common areas of the condominium owners, to verify the operation of the building’s electrical and hydraulic installations, as well as the common appliances, as well as to ensure the quietness and observance of discipline in the building, according to its bylaws or with the rules posted in the concierge and corridors, perform the cleaning and maintenance of pool water.

To better serve the condominium, our professionals are dedicated to preventing problems happen, always relying on preventive maintenance of items and not just pointing to what should be repaired at all times, receive complaints from residents to pass them on to the liquidator.

Today, we offer a variety of Janitorial services in Lahore offering qualified and experienced professionals. The professionals are selected to perfectly adapt to the condominium profile, thus ensuring total employer satisfaction. We are always looking for quality and excellence in providing all its services through training and qualification of its employees.

Hire Termite Proofing service in Pakistan at Shamsi Home Solution

We fight urban pests with all the know-how. We employ highly trained building maintenance professionals who are constantly trained to improve their experience and skills. We control urban vectors and pests with over 10 years of experience in the activity. These years are all proof of a solid company that is committed to the consumer. Contact us at 03339578628.