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Termite Control.

How Much Does The Service of Termite Treatment in Lahore Cost?

The Termite Treatment in Lahore is a thorough service to controlling the population of termites. This is becauseTermite Treatment depending on the species found in the infestation, the method may change. The traditional anti-termite treatment in Pakistan is done by liquid or gel insecticide with application in furniture and surroundings. For underground termite proofing, for example, bait systems are indicated. Each case is a unique case, so it is important to perform a pre-treatment inspection.


Yesterday’s termite dedetization is today’s disinsectization. Today’s termite control services in Karachi use smartstrategies to reduce the population of dangerous insects and animals. Today’s termite control Lahore is much more efficient and uses only the necessary termite control chemicals according to service planning.

What does the Termite Treatment in Lahore cost?

There is no fixed price for the termite control Islamabad service. This is because the performance of work by the Shamsi Home Solution Company depends on a few factors below:

  • Level of infestation;
  • Species found;
  • Location condition.

Main species to control in service of Termite Treatment in Lahore

As we mentioned above, it is important to know the termite species that exist in the infested environment to indicate the best control method. Each has different characteristics, habits and biology.

Check out the main species below:

1) Underground species

Temperature and humidity are primary factors that affect the establishment of the subterranean termite. It is potentially invasive to high humidity areas. The colony can contain millions of insects and they forage up to 100 meters from the ground. Continuous termite treatment is required. They can migrate from one location to another forming several new colonies. The 3 varieties of subterranean termite mounds are: breeders, soldiers and workers. Most of the individuals in the nest are the workers, who are responsible for the acquisition of nutrients.

Termite Control in Pakistan

2) Dry wood species

The most common genus of this species is Cryptographers. As its name suggests, dry wood termites do not require moisture for reproduction. Termites of this species are reported even in colder climates, not just in places with high temperatures. The termite colony has hundreds of individuals and is not very large. It is usually raised on the infested object itself and has no contact with the ground. The caste has false workers who may be reproductive in the future. For this reason, eliminating the queen may not be effective in destroying the termite mound.Home_technician

3) Arborous species

The genus of this species is Nasutitermes. Arboreal termite nests in the treetops. Usually forages the soil for dead wood, preferably dry and decaying. It can nest in woods, forests and other places. It is a large pest that inhibits reforestation and eucalyptus cultivation. In addition to wild areas it also attacks urban areas. Historic cities suffer from tree termite infestations. This plague attacks both timber structures and the trees they inhabit.

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The Main Species of Termites Fought In Termite Treatment in Pakistan

Termites cause billions of damage worldwide. This is justified because some colonies may have millions of members. In addition, insects silently destroy objects and structures. Therefore, at the slightest sign of them, you should hire the service of Termite Treatment in Pakistan.

In early spring the insects come out to reproduce and we can see a haze of winged pests in the city lights or our surroundings. It is important to be alert because losing the wings termites look for a source of cellulose to build their colony. If it takes too long, only termite proofing may be the solution to the pest. A curiosity about termites is that at the time of the flight, that is, the reproduction of insects, they go in search of members of other colonies to maintain their genetic diversity. Although considered pests, they contribute to the ecosystem, causing nutrient recycling in the soil and serving as food for other animals.

The problem of termite attack indoor environments without Termite Control in Pakistan

With the urbanization and habitat destruction of these animals, termites became even closer to men, depending on them for their survival. Therefore, they often find cellulose within homes or businesses. To eliminate a colony, you must invest in termite control Islamabad. Know that work is a challenge!

This is because prior to anti-termite treatment in Pakistan, it is necessary to know the species of the infestation, as this makes all the difference when it comes to controlling termites. See below the main species that exist in the soil:

Underground termite

The subterranean termite is also called soil termite. This is because the species creates its colony in soil or underground. The scientific name is Coptotermes gestroi. This species needs high humidity to develop. The colony can reach millions of members. The workers are the most numerous of the termite mound and live up to 5 years. There are also soldiers, who defend the area and the queen who survives up to 15 years. If it dies, the colony does not end because it is replaced by a nymph.

Dry wood termite

The dry wood termite has a reduced colony of hundreds of limbs. They are usually only positioned on the infested object. Therefore, its elimination is less complicated in termite control Lahore than that of the subterranean termite. The scientific name it as Cryptotermes brevis. However, care should be taken to ensure that infested wood is not near other locations that contain cellulose as the colony may migrate. They are found in environments where humidity is below 30%.

Arboreal termite

The arboreal termite has this name because the nest is formed in the treetops and shrubs. The best known genus of this species is Nasutitermes. The termite mound is easy to identify as it is black or dark brown in color. The termite control services in Karachi are essential because of the colony’s hard-to-reach location.

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