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Water Tank Cleaning.

Benefits of Effective and Best Water Tank Cleaning in Lahore

The water tank cleaning is a practical sanitation to be performed by Water Tank Services in Lahore every six months for tanks used in shops, homes or industries. The purpose of water tank cleaning is to ensure the quality of drinking water and also the safety for consumption.Water Tank Cleaning

Research indicates that improperly stored and improperly treated water tends to suffer the action of bacteria harmful to human health and cause serious water-borne diseases, which represent up to 80% of the occupation of hospital beds in developed countries. This high and quite representative number shows the need to treat water tanks and reservoirs.

This is because their surfaces, in frequent contact with stagnant water, tend to facilitate the formation of the so-called Biofilm, a layer not only composed of inorganic compounds.

In addition to the quality of life of your family, these are statistics that help illustrate the importance of keeping tanks, reservoirs and water tanks always clean, further raising the health and hygiene standards of your customers and families, thereby eliminating the factors that cause the proliferation of water-related diseases.

The lack of water tank cleaning in Lahore can lead to several inconveniences, such as clogging of equipment due to accumulated dirt, emergence of algae that release toxins, contamination by bacteria and protozoa that can cause health problems. This service must be carried out with the utmost care, so that the water tank dirt does not spread and contaminate the pipes and water points, such as taps and showers.

Advantages of Water Tank Cleaning  in Lahore

In addition to being a hygienic and necessary practice for health and quality of life, hiring an ideal water tank cleaning service adds several benefits during the maintenance of the structure. Some benefits provided with water tank cleaning are:

  • Agility:Water reservoir cleaning happens quickly due to the performance of trained professionals and the application of products that act in the instant removal of impurities, the layer created by bacteria, and any microorganism present in the equipment, to avoid sanitation practices that consume more time and effort, such as high pressure water blasting, brushing, scrubbing, among others;

  • Efficiency:To ensure the effectiveness of the water tank cleaning service, telescopic rods can be used that can reach up to 9 meters, which does not require scaffolding during service;
  • Safety: By using biodegradable products while cleaning the water tank, the tank cleaning service ensures no contamination of the environment without generating post-disinfection compounds. In addition, water tank cleaner products are applied to their surface at low pressure by means of nebulizers so as not to compromise the coating of the structure.

Shamsi Home Solution – Providing Water Tank Cleaning In Lahore

In the market for over 25 years, Shamsi Home Solution is an experienced company that operates in the field of pest control and sanitation of establishments and structures approved by Health and Environment commission with operating license. With Water Tank Services in Lahore, we have a team of trained and specialized professionals to ensure the efficiency and quality of performance of its services offered.

Water Cleaning and Disinfection – Water Tank Services in Pakistan

The use and consumption of water in homes, businesses and many other places is indispensable in people’s daily lives. For health reasons, it is important to know about Water Tank Services in Pakistan. One of the places where water is stored before use is the water tank, and in order to have this natural resource that is always drinkable and of quality, home water tank cleaning services in Lahore is important to consider.

Importance of Water Tank Services in Pakistan

By constantly disinfecting and tank cleaning, various diseases and infections can be prevented, which can be caused by bacteria present in contaminated reservoirs. In addition to water tank cleaning services, it is important to pay attention to day-to-day care. Water tanks, especially those located outdoors should always remain closed so that noWater Tank Cleaning in Pakistan insects, dust, or any other organism may cause water contamination. It is essential that the water tanks are cleaned every six months, so that the particles normally lodged in the walls of the box do not proliferate and become a sludge layer. To solve these problems, it is important to hire a Water Tank Services in Pakistan that specializes in cleaning and disinfecting water tanks. In addition, there are materials that should never be used for cleaning and disinfecting water tanks such as brooms, wire bristles, detergents and any kind of soap. The water tank cleaning in Lahore is performed by a team of highly qualified technicians and professionals prepared for every situation, from sanitation to disinfection of water storage containers, thus providing more safety and quality to the water you, your family and customers consume.

In accordance with the sanitation and public health area of relevant government bodies, it is recommended that cleaning of water tanks intended for human consumption be treated every six months or when normality is suspected, usually caused by leaks, cracks or broken covers that allow insects to penetrate from wells or wells with high residue content.

Remember that this tank cleaning service provided by us is properly provided using materials and equipment duly supervised and verified, obeying all safety standards.

Water Tank Doctor – Specialized Water Tank Services in Pakistan

To ensure the correct cleaning and quality that we offer in our water tank service in Karachi, all tanks are completely emptied before the start of activities. Thus, in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and waste, service begins even before our equipment is shipped on site, through pre-scheduling with the customer and monitoring the natural decline in water level. With the tank empty and previously prepared, we started cleaning and removing solid debris, such as scraps of paper, wood, and pieces of iron, sludge and even animals that may exist on site. We also checked the general conditions for larger leaks and cracks.

For more than 25 years on the market, Shamsi Home Solution offering Water Tank Services in Pakistan, has been using efficient techniques and materials to ensure safe and hygienic cleaning and disinfection of water tanks. With all certifications, we serve throughout Pakistan, always with quick and effective solutions for the most varied demands of each client.

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